04. Sports Direct

SportsDirect.com is the UK’s leading sports retailer and has retail interests across Europe.  The head office and main warehouse distribution centre is located on a purpose built site near Mansfield. As well as the main warehouse operation, the site also comprises a large and extensive office suite, factory retail outlet, training facility and computer data and network centre.

Consequently the plant and services are wide ranging and include over 20 air handling plants, major boiler and chiller installations, a large chilled ceiling and displacement ventilation scheme, back up generators, multiple warm air and recirculation warehouse blowers, close control CRAC units and numerous other sub-systems and controls.


Detail Design Engineering Ltd has worked closely with SportsDirect.com to provide maintenance, service and support to the Building Energy Management and Control System (BEMS) installed across the site and has worked on the extension to the warehouse completed in the Spring of 2013.


The BEMS is used as a primary control, alarm and monitoring system and operates to every major area of plant and service including conventional HVAC systems, lighting and the electrical services and provides critical alarm delivery for the computer rooms and other key areas.


Integration technologies are fully employed using MODBUS and BACNET and this affords the end user a single means of controlling and monitoring the complex array of services across the site.


SportsDirect.com is a fast moving, continually evolving, modern company and needs a facility and support service to reflect their requirements.  In this demanding environment, Detail Design Engineering has been able to offer a bespoke solution that uses their experience across numerous industry sectors to provide an efficient and cost effective Building Control and Energy Management System.


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