6.0. DDE Connected Buildings

Simple, Intuitive, Powerful.

Our systems integrate all building assets to optimise performance, provide insights and reduce maintenance.


Benefits of Smart Buildings

Where building services were once fragmented, the acceleration in connected devices in the Internet of Things gives power the power back to building owners and occupants. Occupants environments can be controlled intuitively, assets perform efficiently and data from the assets can be used to drive performance and maintenance. Where multiple devices, platforms and processes were the norm, todays buildings can benefit from a whole system view across HVAC, Lighting, Access, Wayfinding, Space Utilisation, People Movement and Asset Management. Our solutions are able to be provided retrospectively, as well has in the newest highest specification buildings.


Access Control

Heating & Cooling

People Counting

Lighting and Sunblind Control

For maximised occupant wellbeing and efficiency, optimal lighting should be delivered at the right place and at the right time. Smart Room Control solutions can reduce lighting energy usage as well optimising the correct light levels.

Occupant Mobile App

Productivity enhancing tool, web-based graphic design and visualization interface, and our latest mobile applications to provide real time data for control and management of services, as well as a single source of information from multiple data sources.

Occupant Interfaces and Room Sensors

From wired to wireless, including energy harvesting discrete sensors to intelligent communicating sensors and communicating thermostats, all the way to intuitive occupant interfaces. We’ve got space conditions covered, and the power to use the data effectively.

Workplace Navigation, Room Booking and Wayfinding

Just like the navigation apps for route finding and navigations for cars, bikes and public transport, we are able to offer the same for buildings and facilities. Occupants can easily navigate buildings, see which areas are free or in use, as well as the facilities in each area.

Access Control Solution

Web-based, fully-scalable access control solution for access control, video monitoring and visitor management.

People Counting

Knowing how many people are in a building, where they are and how they move can improve the way buildings are utilised, how people react to changes and provides data that can be used to understand behaviours, as well and helping understand the energy utilisation.

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