4.0. Maintaining BEMS.

When failure is not an option.​


To ensure the best performance from a BEMS, as well as the plant and equipment it controls, it is essential to maintain the BEMS and it components.

BEMS maintenance is often undertaken on a reactive basis, energy consumption goes unchecked, comfort conditions can deteriorate, and problems are only dealt with when they become serious. Low cost maintenance doesn’t mean best value.


What a maintenance should provide?

  • A comfortable internal environment 
  • Fast and accurate response to occupant needs.
  • Improved management reporting through better historical  records and accurate  information.
  • Reduced energy costs through optimisation of plant efficiency minimising unnecessary use of energy, raising standards of operation and maintenance, providing data for effective monitoring and targeting and to allow identification of other cost saving measures, and faster detection of faulty and wasteful processes .
  • Confidence that the system is operation  correctly.
  • Continued return on investment

Service Plans

A bespoke contract to suit, from a full, “all encompassing” service and maintenance contract to a targeted service dealing with problematic issues/area, you decide how to utilise your service labour days. Where possible we can split the service visits to ensure you have a system check in the most problematic seasons. summer and winter periods.

Spare Parts

At DDE we understand the importance of keeping the downtime on site to a minimum and to reduce disruption as much as possible. Our engineers keep a good catalogue of spare parts in their van stock to accelerate the repair turnaround of a breakdown. Having key components available in the event of a breakdown drastically reduces downtime. For some components, the lead time could be as long as 4 weeks and therefore holding on site stock assist speeds up the turnaround of jobs. Trend manufacture a broad range of items such as controllers, actuators, etc. Making it impossible for the engineers to carry every required component but we do hold spare controllers at out head office in sale.


Operator training - is to assist the site maintenance staff in keeping equipment in operating condition. Supervisor training – Headend training. This can be held for a group of people or 121.


We provide in house electronic repairs to controllers with emergency turnaround repairs for sites that require minimal downtime.


Common Issues

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