5.0. BEMS Optimisation.

Efficient BMS performance strategies.​


41% of total energy consumption in Europe comes from Buildings,
of which 85% is used for heating and cooling.


Our Vision

The Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment challenges business, organisations, cities and regions to reach net zero carbon in operation for all assets under their direct control by 2030, and to advocate for all buildings to be net zero carbon in operation by 2050.
Our Vision is to provide building owners and occupiers with the control solutions for the safe, clean comfortable us of buildings, whilst using less energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

Our Experience

Many buildings and BEMS do not operate as designed and therefore operate in ways that use more energy than is required. This costs building owners in more ways than just energy costs. For example plant running unnecessarily increases the maintenance requirement and reduces the life of the equipment. Smart building owners realise the investment already made where BEMS doesn’t end the installation. With our connect, correct & monitoring service, occupiers benefit from comfortable conditions where and when its needed and building owners save money, and the CO2 emissions associated with heating and cooling.


Securely connect your BEMS to our central monitoring system.


Implement your BEMS efficient performance strategy.


Real time monitoring ensures the performance strategy is maintained.


Case Studies

Our Connect, Connect & Monitor efficient BMS performance strategies can be used wherever a BEMS is installed. Take a look at the case studies below.

Education Case Study

A BEMS was installed as part of a new installation, however following handover, and  as the seasons went by, it was obvious that the energy

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